Multipack Packaging line is designed for grouping and packing of hamburger buns and finger rolls. Multipack is suitable for industirial and semi industrial applications to group, slice and feed the products into infeed of a flow pack wrapper where both machines runs in synchronization. Our packing line Multipack has two slicing stations which one of them is hinge slicer and the other one is band slicer. According to the product either hinge slicer or band slicer can be used where band slicer can also be manufactured as daul band slicer. Both slicers can be lifted up in order to pack products without any slicing option. The machine has a capacity of 45 packs per minute as a standard but higher capacity packing lines are also possible on request.

Grouping Unit
Grouping unit is used to group the the products before the slicing units.

Hinge Slicer
Hinge slicer has circular slicing blades which is mainly used to slice finger rolls. Height of the slicer can be adjusted either by hand wheel or by motor.

Band Slicer
Band slicer has band type slicing blade which is used for full slicing. Slicing height is adjustable either by hand wheel or by a motor. Band slicer can also be manufactured as Dual band slicer which has two slicing blades for dual slicing.

Flow Pack Feeding Unit
This unit is equiped with a pusher which is running in synchronization with flow pack wrapper. The pusher feeds products into infeed conveyor of flow pack machine.